Total Members 12,405 on December 31 2016. New members 1,647 and many inactive to become active
The Fund announced that for 2016 were contributions for 6,851 Members compared with 5,397 in 2015. The new members who have joined the Fund is 1.647 and 401 members left the fund.  
Overall the Fund lists 12,405 members at December 31 2016, 11% increase from 2015.  New Members for the Fund is more than 1,647 and exceed 2,000 if we consider that several Members were inactive before 2016 and they become actively contributing members in 2016.

UK's NEST wins IPE's Best European Pension Fund Award
The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) was the big winner at IPE’s annual Awards & Conference in Berlin, taking home the coveted gold award for Best European Pension Fund.

IPE Awards
Our Provident Funds will participate at the IPE Awards on 1-2 December 2016 at Berlin.
With over 300 pension providers attending the event brings together the most influential executives from across Europe.

Investment in real estate funds
The Trustee Board on a meeting yesterday decided to invest in real estate funds, in particular to the following investment managers:
1. Aviva Investors / LaSalle Investment Management
2. CBRE Global Investors